*CHINESE* Pastoral Staff

孟寶松牧師 (代理牧師)

孟寶松牧師生於香港,早年在高中時信主受洗,後來蒙召全時間事奉,先後在香港海外神 學院 (1984) 和中國神學研究院 (1990) 畢業,在香港崇真會事奉至1994年來美國進修 。1995年加入美國宣道會任天柏華人宣道會主任牧師至2002年底。2003年孟牧師在佛羅里 達州奧蘭多改革宗神學院得教牧學博士學位,並於2004年舉家遷往洛彬磯任新生命宣道會 主任牧師至2013年八月。2013年九月孟牧師接任美國宣道會華聯會總幹事至2017年九月底 任滿。孟牧師現在是加州聖地牙歌愛加勉華人宣道會的代理牧師。









Pastor James Chuang was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, by his mother Yang and father Chru-an, along with his older brother William.  Growing up, he dreamed of becoming an artist and a writer. He studied English Literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, earning a BA in that field.  In his senior year, however, God altered the direction of his life by calling him into ministry.  After taking one year off and spending one summer in China, James earned his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. James has learned to pastor the church from the congregations of Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park, IL, where he served as a youth ministry intern, from Grace Fellowship Community Church in San Francisco, CA, where he served as a pastoral intern, and from Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, where he served as English Pastor.  He continues to learn from the people of Agape Chinese Alliance Church, where he has gladly served since 2005.




In Loving Memory of Rev. Jack To

Rev. Jack To, Rose To, Josiah To & Rachel To

Rev. Jack and Rose To were the senior pastoral couple at Agape Chinese Alliance Church in San Diego from 2007-2016.

In 2016, Agape dedicated our church fellowship hall in remembrance of Reverend Jack To, who went to be with the Lord in March of 2016. We remember him as a servant of God for his humble leadership, caring ministry, commitment to serving others, and unwavering faithfulness to God. Through faith, Reverend To had inspired, and continues to inspire, us to trust in God’s provision and timing for the fulfillment of His promises.